Bad guys nerver die

A never sent Email to Mr. Tarantino:

Dear Mr. Tarantino,

I read about your next movie about world war II and
that a part of your set is now in Saxony (Germany).
Exactly it is in a region, what is called Saxonian Schwyz.
This area is in Germany well known as hot spot of right
wing activities.
Some years ago there exists a strong group with under the label
Skinheads Saxonian Schwyz (SSS). They were something like a
group of the KKK. Also after the government ban this group,
the structure still exists till today. The result is daily terror
for non-whites, homeless and so on. I myself know personal
a Turkish family, which fled after over a dozen racist motivated attacks.

Now you are making a movie exactly in this area, the brown
heart of Germany. And your movie is also about the nazi terror.
But bad guys sadly never died. The ideology still lifes.
Maybe you could act against fascist power today.
It would be nice if you could make a strong statement against
the neofascist terror in the region during a press conference.

I know there is no realistic chance that you even will read
this email, but I thought I should try it.


Ralf Schwarzenberg

(Dresden, Saxony)