Bad Ideas from down under

The far right in Europe is quite inspired by a campaign of the conservative Australian Government. It is a campaign against refugees. The camapaign shows a little boat on the waves an declares in big red letters „NO WAY – YOU WILL NOT MAKE AUSTRALIA HOME“.
No way by Australian Government
the original poster

This anti-refugee-message was made in English, but for example also in Tamil, a language mainly spoken in the southeast of India.
It isn‘t clear if this campaign is really thought to prevent people coming to Australia searching for help. Some think the campaign is more to be liked by racist voters in Australia.
Similar campaigns happens also in the nationalist ruled Hungary. A similar message in Hungarian was shown on posters in Budapest. Truly not much of the refugees will unterstand this language. So it was a signal from the Government to their voters.

However, the idea of preventing refugees coming by declaring „you will not make our country home“ truly inspired the far right in Europe.
In Germany different groups used the design of the posters of the Australian Government.

No way by NPD
clearly inspired by Australia, a picture used by the fascist Party NPD in Germany, „Masseneinwanderung stoppen“ means „Stop mass immigration“

No way by NPD
found as sticker on the streets in Dresden (Germany), probably produced by neonazi, in the crossed country you can see Germany with the borders before 1945

No way by german Nazis
also a member of the new right wing party „Alternative für Deutschland“ („Alternative for Germany“) used it

No way by PVV
the muslimhater Geert Wilders from the Netherlands used the design of the Australian Government too

So as one can see, there is in some points no such big difference between the Australian Government, german fascists and a dutch anti-muslim-preacher. Their racism against refugees seems like the same.