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Harry Potter and the cursed child: The new (old) Harry Potter

Harry Potter and the cursed child
The new Harry-Potter-book has the title „The cursed child“ and shows the life of the old Harry Potter. It all starts where it ends in the seventh book. Harry and Ginny are married, Ron and Hermione are married too. It is 2016 and Harry now is 22 years older. He has kids and he failed to manage with one of his three children. Severus Albus is not like his father. Albus became a Slytherin and has his problems with standing in the shadow of his popular father. Albus is the best friend of Scorpius, the only child of Draco Malfoy. But the Gossipmongers whispers that Scorpius is a son Voldermort. Both, Albus and Scorpius, manage to escape from Hogwarts and the struggle for their childs bond the former arch enemys Harry and Malfoy more together than anything could.

The women in the book are very emancipated. Harry works at the ministery of magic and wizardry and Ginny is editor of the Sportspart of the „Daily Prophet“. Rob owns a shop and his wife Hermione is minister of magic and wizardry.
There are two very pro-feminist scenes in the book, which are very cool:

Sorry about your kitchen, Ginny.

Oh, it’s not my kitchen. Harry does most of the cooking.“

(page 146)

Malfoy, you may be all chummy chummy with Harry, and you may have produced a relativly nice child, but you‘ve said some very unfair things to and about my wife …

And your wife doesn‘t need you fighting her battles for her.“

(page 292)

The story is much about time-traveling and reseting the world. It starts with the Trimagical Tournament 1994/95 and ends in a alternative realitys. For example one, where Hermione never married Ron and is the teacher of defence against the dark arts at Hogwarts. Another alternative reality is a dystopy in which Voldermort became the ruler of the magic world.

It is nice to meet the old friends of the novels again, but this isn‘t a novel. It is a play and it is much more thin than a novel. It is nice that Harry can cry as a old man, but there are too much father-son-issues in the book. Sorry, but the novels are much better than the play. They are the cake and the play is just a little sweet. It leaves the reader hungry.

J.K, Rowling, John Tiffany & Jack Thorne: Harry Potter and the cursed child, 2016.

Bad Ideas from down under

The far right in Europe is quite inspired by a campaign of the conservative Australian Government. It is a campaign against refugees. The camapaign shows a little boat on the waves an declares in big red letters „NO WAY – YOU WILL NOT MAKE AUSTRALIA HOME“.
No way by Australian Government
the original poster

This anti-refugee-message was made in English, but for example also in Tamil, a language mainly spoken in the southeast of India.
It isn‘t clear if this campaign is really thought to prevent people coming to Australia searching for help. Some think the campaign is more to be liked by racist voters in Australia.
Similar campaigns happens also in the nationalist ruled Hungary. A similar message in Hungarian was shown on posters in Budapest. Truly not much of the refugees will unterstand this language. So it was a signal from the Government to their voters.

However, the idea of preventing refugees coming by declaring „you will not make our country home“ truly inspired the far right in Europe.
In Germany different groups used the design of the posters of the Australian Government.

No way by NPD
clearly inspired by Australia, a picture used by the fascist Party NPD in Germany, „Masseneinwanderung stoppen“ means „Stop mass immigration“

No way by NPD
found as sticker on the streets in Dresden (Germany), probably produced by neonazi, in the crossed country you can see Germany with the borders before 1945

No way by german Nazis
also a member of the new right wing party „Alternative für Deutschland“ („Alternative for Germany“) used it

No way by PVV
the muslimhater Geert Wilders from the Netherlands used the design of the Australian Government too

So as one can see, there is in some points no such big difference between the Australian Government, german fascists and a dutch anti-muslim-preacher. Their racism against refugees seems like the same.

Remembering the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising


Bad guys nerver die

A never sent Email to Mr. Tarantino:

Dear Mr. Tarantino,

I read about your next movie about world war II and
that a part of your set is now in Saxony (Germany).
Exactly it is in a region, what is called Saxonian Schwyz.
This area is in Germany well known as hot spot of right
wing activities.
Some years ago there exists a strong group with under the label
Skinheads Saxonian Schwyz (SSS). They were something like a
group of the KKK. Also after the government ban this group,
the structure still exists till today. The result is daily terror
for non-whites, homeless and so on. I myself know personal
a Turkish family, which fled after over a dozen racist motivated attacks.

Now you are making a movie exactly in this area, the brown
heart of Germany. And your movie is also about the nazi terror.
But bad guys sadly never died. The ideology still lifes.
Maybe you could act against fascist power today.
It would be nice if you could make a strong statement against
the neofascist terror in the region during a press conference.

I know there is no realistic chance that you even will read
this email, but I thought I should try it.


Ralf Schwarzenberg

(Dresden, Saxony)